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COACHING Philosophy

I believe it is important for actors to be aware of what role their character plays in an overall production - not being merely honest to their character, but rather being honest to the play, responsible for the play, which I believe expands the options for the actor.

Actors, in my opinion, perform their best when they have a strong connection to the text they are speaking and to their body in space. In my experience actors achieve access to this by developing disciplined practices that show them how to look at text, breaking down that which is essential, gaining an awareness of their body in space and having a strong body to execute any role, from King Lear to Messenger 1. With me this work begins by getting the actors out of their heads and into their bodies: reacting, not thinking. I use loose improvisation, music, discussions and reflections. We begin by removing outside influence, the notion of right and wrong.

I am well versed in the many methods and philosophies of the craft of acting. I believe that an actor, above all, must be present to the play, song, film etc. as it is unfolding, prepared to execute the direction of the production and be confident in their capacities.

Students learn in different ways; therefore, I employ various methods in order to maintain my commitment that each actor realizes their potential. I believe it less important that they execute a specific method of training but that their performances are honest, expressive, entertaining and most importantly repeatable. By widening the actor’s palate with options, they are free to move seamlessly between styles of plays and the various aesthetics of directors. I use elements of Laban, Meisner, Michael Chekov, Shurtleff, Stanislavski, mime and improvisation.

In in contemporary auditioning and scene study, I work to empower the actors to make strong choices that are generated from their understanding and imagination. They identify areas in their acting that they want to address and I assist them in selecting material that will challenge them to achieve it. We then remove the restrictions of age, gender, race etc. and begin to work on physical centers: thinking, power and feeling. I expand their awareness in these physical centers and then work for their actions on stage to come from physical inspiration, not pre-planned thought. This work allows for the student’s confidence to grow and for them to relax and trust their own decision-making.

In my Shakespeare Course, I work to help the student develop a strong relationship to the text of plays, dissecting each word for its authentic meaning and developing performances that are honest, reliable, truthful and text driven. We work tirelessly on the rhetoric and grammatical structure of classic texts. I find that working in this way allows the students to gain a strong connection and command of material, which has a profound impact on their work in contemporary acting as well.

In every course I teach, I attend to developing the actors’ awareness; of their body in space, what it is they are doing and getting their focus and actions out in the space with people, as opposed to an interpretation or version in their head. I achieve this by getting them to let the play get out ahead of them - out of their heads. We begin by dissecting what they understand to be the action of the play, scene or moment, identifying what they intend to execute and making them aware of what is actually occurring. As we do this I work to help them identify how to bring the play to life by deciding and creating repeatable actions that they can authentically live into. The results of this level of specificity have profound benefits in all of their areas of performances.


Coaching Rates

Audition Coaching: Shakespeare or classics, contemporary, television, film and commercial - includes assessment of material, help with monologue selection (if applicable) $50.00 per hour

Audition self tape: $ 25.00 per hour

College Auditions: MFA or BFA programs - includes monologue selection, interview coaching, program discussion, cutting of material and two on-line coaching sessions. $80.00 per hour.

  • sessions are only in hour blocks, no adjustments for using less than an hour session.

  • discounts available for multiple sessions ordered together (minimum four sessions)